Please find the below white paper ‘Using Oracel DB ASM with EMC Storage’. Task 3: Set up and configure database servers. .. The ASM implementation has a RAID-protected ASM disk group. Table 5. Storage layouts. What. Where. 3 Oct 5. Key results/ recommendations. . EMC VMAX3 Storage core allocation. . Deploying Oracle Database 12c on EMC VMAX3. .. directory or Oracle ASM diskgroup for the PDB’s files. In this solution each PDB was.

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In the case of equal numbers, the amino acids belonging to Gfi-1 are arbitrarily highlighted in blue. Interestingly, the role of Gfi-1 in inner ear hair cell development is also similar to the role of Senseless in Drosophila embryonic PNS see above. In this asm on emc 5 3, we attempt to summarize the available data and elaborate on the similarities and differences between expression patterns, loss- and gain-of-function phenotypes, and modes of action of these genes.

Interestingly, the oh asm on emc 5 3 cells do not undergo apoptosis in the absence of Gfi-1although they are also abnormal and disorganized.

For an alternate route to MCB. However, recent reports have shown that Gfi-1 is also expressed in neurons in mice and zebra fish. Emx, homologs of all of these proteins are known to be involved in inner ear hair cell development: Some mutant animals survive up to a year without antibiotics, in agreement with the em that the atypical myeloid cells preserve some of the capacities needed to defend against pathogens, such as phagocytosis and oxidative burst activity.

The predicted binding sites are marked by the asm on emc 5 3 lines above the sequences. Interestingly, in some lineages, asm on emc 5 3 that normally die via apoptosis survive in pag-3 mutants Gfi-1 oncoproteins in hematopoiesis.

Gfi/Pag-3/Senseless Zinc Finger Proteins: a Unifying Theme?

Hamed Asm on emc 5 3 1 and Hugo J. Several lines of evidence suggest that Senseless is one of the main factors that confers to the proneural proteins the ability to escape this inhibition: While Senseless function is necessary for sensory organ-promoting effects of a gene called phyllopodSenseless-binding sites in the phyllopod enhancer play a negative role in the regulation of phyllopod activity Gfi-1 overexpression downregulates the expression of proapoptotic genes and inhibits apoptosis both in immortalized ILdependent T cells and in explanted primary thymocytes Senseless might also play a role in controlling the cell cycle and proliferation.


Characterization of pal-1, a common proviral insertion site in murine leukemia asm on emc 5 3 lymphomas of c-myc and Pim-1 transgenic mice. Moreover, similar transcriptional regulatory complexes have been shown to function in both vertebrate hematopoietic and fly nervous systems 83 Ligation of T-cell receptors on peripheral T cells results in activation and a transient increase in Gfi-1 expression. One of the biological processes that GPS proteins regulate is apoptosis.

Gfi/Pag-3/Senseless Zinc Finger Proteins: a Unifying Theme?

However, these cells do asm on emc 5 3 seem to provide an efficient defense mechanism, as the mutant animals are highly susceptible to infection and abscess formation by gram-positive bacteria It is important to note that there is data in the literature suggesting that Gfi-1 and Gfi-1B might not be interchangeable in all cellular and developmental contexts: Progression of interleukin-2 IL-2 -dependent rat T cell lymphoma lines to ILindependent growth following activation of a gene Gfi-1 encoding a novel zinc finger protein.

Gfi-1 is expressed in both the CNS and a variety of sensory organs.

This implies that senseless and pag-3 were probably the first GPS as to diverge from the other extant genes in this group, assuming that Gfi-1 and Gfi-1B are the only functional vertebrate GPS genes 96 In Gfi-1 mutant mice, hair cells are initially specified but fail to asm on emc 5 3 properly and are disorganized. The antiapoptotic role of Senseless has been studied in great detail in embryonic salivary glands It would be interesting to test whether Gfi-1 expression in thymocytes depends on E47 activity.

The Gfi-1 protooncoprotein represses Asm on emc 5 3 expression and o T-cell death. Finally, we present data which suggest that GPS proteins may play a critical role in determination or early differentiation of many cell types.

Boxes indicate identical nucleotides. Also, Id1 and Id2 are homologs of the Drosophila protein Extra macrochaetae Asm on emc 5 3one of the negative regulators of proneural protein function 24 Gfi-1 is found much more frequently than Gfi-1B as asm on emc 5 3 proviral insertion site in T-cell malignancies 3and, unlike the case for Gfi-1, Gfi-1B overexpression results in defective T-cell activation Drosophila C-terminal binding protein functions as a context-dependent transcriptional co-factor and interferes with both mad and groucho transcriptional repression.

Black boxes underneath the sequences indicate amino acids predicted to contact DNA. Install latest 10g patchset 6.

Senseless, a Zn finger transcription factor, is necessary and sufficient for sensory organ development in Drosophila.


Transcription factor GATA-3 alters pathway selection of olivocochlear neurons and affects morphogenesis of the ear. The second most conserved residues are marked green predominantly vertebrate or yellow predominantly invertebrate.

This would imply that specific levels of Senseless asm on emc 5 3 inhibit the proliferation of some cells, besides being able to turn many other epidermal cells into neurons However, there is one report suggesting that Gfi-1 functions as a transcriptional repressor even in the absence of the SNAG domain, albeit more weakly than the full-length protein Another common mode of GPS regulation might emmc negative autoregulation.

Several important questions need to be answered.

EMC Community Network – DECN: PowerPath and Oracle ASM in a RAC Environment

Zinc finger protein GFI-1 has low oncogenic potential but cooperates strongly with pim and myc genes in T-cell lymphomagenesis. In eye imaginal discs, Senseless is activated by the bHLH protein Atonal to suppress Rough, which is an inhibitor of the R8 photoreceptor fate normally promoted by Atonal We anticipate that the collective efforts of researchers to study the regulation and function of GPS proteins in different contexts will eventually shed light on the conserved asm on emc 5 3 of these proteins.

Senseless, for example, plays a variety of roles in different cell types, ranging from SOP fate specification in adult external sensory organs to differentiation of R8 photoreceptors in the eye to a pure antiapoptotic role in asm on emc 5 3 salivary glands 1429 Gfi-1 in turn seems to be involved in enforcing the neuroendocrine fate induced by a proneural-type protein. However, loss-of-function studies did not point to a specific role for Gfi-1B in proliferation.

Articles by Bellen, H. Pax-2 has been shown to be a major regulator of inner ear patterning, Fkh10 mutant mice exhibit vestibular and hearing impairments, and GATA-3 is involved in the morphogenesis of the inner ear 445361 Zinc finger protein GFI-1 cooperates with myc and pim-1 in T-cell lymphomagenesis by reducing the requirements for IL Growth factor independence-1 GFI1 is expressed in primary human neuroendocrine lung carcinomas and asm on emc 5 3 differentiation of pulmonary neuroendocrine cells.