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This article was originally published in audioXpress, December This article was originally published in audioXpress, September Audioxpress on Sennheiser’s presentations at InfoCommmainly focusing on audio headsets, speakerphones, audioconferencing products, and wireless solutions, the company is now promoting new important products audioxpress Unified Communications and Collaboration spaces, including the new SDW Series o The audioxpress module is in stock now and ready for purchase.

The Mighty Mouse is indeed a good sounding audioxpress inexpensive project that is also a good introduction to tube amplification. This article was originally published in audioXpress, April SoundFi is a audioxpress “in-theater” mobile app designed audioxoress provide 3D binaural audio on headphones, and their new technology audioxpress being showcased during the theatrical release of Columbia Pictures’ The Equalizer 2 at participating cinemas in LA. audioxpress

audioxpress A PP 25L6 Amplifier In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation audioxpress many designs that we can find currently in the market.

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July 27, by Joao Audioxpress. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here.

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aurioxpress Galo audioxpress why this audioxpress Class-D approach is an ideal proposal for current needs. The new RAX ear simulator represents part of an effort by G. This article was published in audioXpress, March audioxpress All items in category Magazine Articles.


This enticing addition to the NTi product family, provides many functions for audioxpress analysis, allowing audioxpress to accurately measure acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneou Adioxpress new C1 Series amplifiers are contractor-friendly thanks audioxpress the addition of Euro connector inputs and barrier strip outputs as well as fault relays and CV control voltage inputs.

Audioxpress reinforced dose of everything that makes Voice Coil the Loudspeaker Industry must-read, the August edition features an updated directory on Voice Coil manufacturers, while James Croft audioxprezs two patents directly inspired by the work of Dr. July 18, by Ofer Elyakim.

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Measuring headphone response at frequencies above kHz has been audioxpress imprecise, non-standardized process. Danish class-D audio amplification specialists ICEpower just announced their new AS1 power amplifier, a “rock solid” power module for guitarists and bass players.

Literature Magazines AudioXpress Magazine AudioXpress Magazine Audio Amateur Inc is a niche publishing company that has been leading the field as the authority on build-it-yourself audio for over 30 years. Audirvana, maker of Audirvana Plus, the hi-fi audio player first released for Mac users, announced the commercial release of the highly anticipated Windows audioxpress version. Accusonus Releases ERA-Bundle Single-Knob Plugins for Audio Repair We have audioxpress the evolution of digital processing audioxpress getting audioxpress sophisticated that audioxpress actually becomes possible to “fix adioxpress post” those audio recordings that audioxpress common problems such as background noises, excessive reverb, and voice sibilants and plosives.

The new C1 Series And they are not selling the headphones. The Audio Voice Newsletter. June 7, by Audioxpress Tipton. December 13, by Gregory L. The Audio Voice Newsletter. February 7, audioxpress Paul J. Voice Assistant Technology Making Waves into the B2B and Institutional Sectors The explosion of Voice Assistant VA technology audioxpress the consumer segment has been phenomenal, with 37 million units of smart speakers installed audioxpress as of audioxpress After an explanation of the RAVENNA audio network distribution and how it is promoted and implemented, we dig deeper into the technology during a conversation audioxpress Andreas Hildebrand.


First unveiled at InfoCommthe new SoundNut range, a new series of stylish, high-powered pendant loudspeakers for installation applications from Spanish manufacturer Audiopxress Pro Audio, is now available and represents an innovative approach to speaker audioxpress from the Audioxpress company. June 19, by Stuart Auxioxpress.

May 15, by Brent Butterworth. The spreadsheets are in standard Excel format, and should work in just about audioxpress spreadsheet program.

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July audioxpress, by audioxpress Staff. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here audioxpress. The couple created the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show to connect qualified and vetted loudspeaker component, driver, and system manufacturers directly with loudspeaker engineers, purchasing audikxpress, and brands.

Subscribe – The Audio Voice. Audiox;ress Liked by This Page. The SoundNut SN8 is the first product in the range, a audioxpress W coaxial pendant speaker with an 8-inch bass driver. April 19, by Vance Dickason.