explains recreational dive planners and how to use them, both the PADI and NAUI tables. NAUI Dive Tables Objectives • Describe the function of the dive tables. • Define common dive tables terminology and concepts. • Explain the function and use of . Need a NAUI dive table? Here is one you can look at and print out! To download a larger image of this table click on the photo below. At the next page click on.

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Some don’t even need a pressure hose and get the data via a wireless transmitter instead. All Ikelite video housi. Mon – Friday The Seac Jack Wrist Computer is a freediving computer with an algorithm developed to help prevent Taravana and Hemoptysis, which are potentially dangerous conditions associated with breath-hold diving.

The blue numbers represent your Residual Nitrogen Time RNT which you need when calculating a dive table you’ll see below. So your total bottom time is now 61 minutes. What’s especially frustrating is that all dive tables do essentially the same thing, just not exactly the same way and often with surprisingly different results.

They may show the same information, but operating them can be an exercise in frustration as there are no standards. The Sea Cure is available in three sizes and is secure and comfortable. It takes less than 1 business da Details.

In those sections you learned that according to William Henry’s lawthe amount of gas a liquid can absorb is related to pressure. How to use the dive tables Now what do Dive Tables do? The package is an educational system that includes: Table 2 shows what Pressure Group you will be in after a certain ” surface interval ,” i.

It’s even more dramatic when you pop open a can of beer. Dry Bag The Dry Bags are for storing all of those things you don’t want to get wet while on the boat. They are for standard compressed air, not Nitrox or other mixes.


Rive say you want to dive 20 minutes again. Then we look at the cell where row G intersects with the 50 feet column in Table 3.

Maybe he dies and the detective needs to examine his dive plan for clues. Your diving time is important, but so is tablew track of the amount of nitrogen you’re amassing – which is what the Dive Table is designed to do. The depths are listed down the left side meters and feet and possible dive times are listed to the left of each depth.

The Dive Rite Line Cookies are a must at jumps, especially jumps made from points at which no permanent marker has been installed. The glass Protective Lens fits over your GoPro camera lens to help guard against dirt, dust and scratches while using the camera outside the housing. Flip the card and see where your current Pressure Group, row N,intersects duve the Pressure Group you’ll be in after that second dive, L.

NAUI Plastic Air Dive Table

Fill those in on your worksheet. After you’re back up, there’s still some nitrogen left in your tissues, and it takes time for that to be released. That would also be Letter Group “G”. You know the depth you want to dive to next, but how much rive can naul down there and keep yourself safe?

If you are not going back in the water, you have no need to go on to Table 3.

It features a rotating degree bezel with click stops and direct and reciprocal index points. Follow the C row over to the 80 column.

And since dive computers record your actual descent and the actual depths you stay at, their data is more accurate and give you more bottom time in multi-level diving than dive tables which assume you stay at the deepest depth the entire time.


So the total nitrogen is as if you’d stayed down there for 61 minutes, making 61 minutes your total bottom time and you are in Group T. Ikelite video housings are corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong for proven trouble-free performance.


Dive computers, which have been around since the s, do the same thing as dive tables.

Air travel after dives — After a single dive, wait 12 hours. If decompression stops were necessary, wait more than 18 hours.

NAUI Dive Tables

Residual nitrogen after a dive See, the problem is that while science has determined that it is safe to ascend from 60 feet after 35 minutes — “safe” meaning that nitrogen gets released at a sufficiently slow rate so as not to pose a danger — it does NOT mean ALL the nitrogen that was absorbed into your body down there was released during ascent.

No 7 minute dive this time – you’re going to taboes a nice minute dive. That number of minutes is used to find the letter Group after your next dive. You can write tablee on the worksheet with pencil, clean it off, and be ready for next time. Use Table 1 to figure that out, then go down to Table 2. The newest thick wall dSLR housing is probably the safest enclosure money can buy, and provides optical capabilities equal to anythin.

What that means is that if you dive again, you still have some extra nitrogen in your body, and therefore reach the maximum safe time limit of nitrogen absorption sooner. However, understanding dive tables helps you understand the reason behind the numbers the computer displays. Further, if you dive in very cold water, or do a stressful or strenuous dive, add an additional safety margin. You find that your surface interval needs to be between 1: Follow this, and you never go into decompression times.