15 Jun NAVAIR T Summary of Applicable Technical Directives Information relating to the following recent technical directives has been. 13 Jan Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR T Accounting and stock control procedures are not included in this handbook or in the. 15 Jan NAVAIRINST 28 Nov Establishment of . NAVAIR T CH-1 01 Jul US Navy Support NAVAIR T 01 Jun

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The proper care, operation, and maintenance of these 00-80t-10 are essential in assuring that only clean, dry fuel enters aircraft. Navy and Marine Corps shore activities are urged to use the standard organization for integrated fuel operations shown in Figure Visual samples shall navair 00-80t-109 taken every 15 minutes and navair 00-80t-109 for color and appearance.

Ensure that regularly scheduled maintenance is properly performed.


Navair 00-80t-109 samples are required from ALL aircraft tanks to be defueled. Approximate time the sample was taken 6.

Instructions for performing navair 00-80t-109 appearance or visual test, the backbone of any fuel quality surveillance program, are contained in paragraph 3. Verify that manned firefighting equipment navair 00-80t-109 in the area.

Each single point refueling SPR nozzle assembly shall include a hose end pressure navair 00-80t-109 set for a maximum of 55 psi. Note If more than one set of duplicate samples are being taken at one time, appropriate steps must be taken to assure the source of each set of samples can be positively identified. This manual provides the best available operating instructions for most circumstances, but no manual is a substitute for sound judgment.

Bulk Transfer Line Navair 00-80t-109 of Product. Stay on the windward, or upwind, side of the spill when it is necessary to remain in an area where a large spill has occurred. All refueling equipment shall be clearly marked with the appropriate NATO Code Number contained in a rectangle as well as the common U.


Semipermanently secure refueler manhole covers.

aircraft refueling natops manual navair 00 80t

Should the level of free water in fuel at an aircraft dispensing point exceed 5 ppm, a second sample will be navair 00-80t-109 immediately to ascertain if the second sample confirms that the free water exceeds 5 ppm. One of the primary navxir of navair 00-80t-109 is static electricity.

Receiving tank samples will be tested as follows: Camlock hose fittings should not be used on mobile refueling equipment.

A hose assembly that has been subjected to abuse, such as severe end pull, flattening or crushing by a vehicle, or sharp bending or kinking, shall be removed from service and inspected in accordance with PMS. Navair 00-80t-109 power unit — a small turbine engine on an aircraft that provides power when the main engine s is not operating.

The detailed operating procedures contained in Chapter 6 and the maintenance procedures referred to in Chapter 7 incorporate many of these monitoring and quality surveillance steps. This older HIFR rig is being phased out of service.

This sample shall navair 00-80t-109 tagged, logged, and stored in an approved flammable storage cabinet and retained for 60 navair 00-80t-109 or until one of the following conditions occur: Never use the same refueler with a different fuel navair 00-80t-109 all equipment has been properly flushed.

Coverage in the local instruction shall include but not necessarily be limited to the nzvair The results of navair 00-80t-109 other tests shall be evaluated by comparison with the limits described in Appendix B, navair 00-80t-109 contain the Deterioration Use Limits for Aviation Fuels. V-4 Maintenance Officer C Approved by: Overwing gravity refueling can be performed only with the engines off.

Failure to provide clean, clear, and bright navair 00-80t-109 to aircraft can adversely affect safety-of-flight.

Bond 00-80t1-09 gravity refueling nozzles to the aircraft using a separate bonding pigtail before tanks caps are removed. Loading nvair aircraft with fuel containing excessive contamination can navair 00-80t-109 in a malfunction of the airframe or engine fuel system and subsequent loss of aircraft, pilot, and crew. Such records shall be used to monitor equipment performance as well as to provide an audit trail.


When fueling or defueling aircraft, a PQS qualified member of the Aviation Fuels Division shall be present to ensure all operations are conducted per applicable instructions. Appendix C contains a list of navair 00-80t-109 which should be part of a ships aviation fuel division continuous training syllabus. Also, if there is any question as to the quality of the fuel, both particulate and water measurements must be made using the CCFD and the FWD.

Shoes made of fabric or other absorbent materials are not acceptable. These dangers are equally navair 00-80t-109 as those of fires and explosions even though they are not so well known. The number of transport aircraft, with limited ground time, which shall be refueled in place simultaneously with other loading and off-loading.

Environmental impact and duties associated therewith.

Free-water detector — device that navair 00-80t-109 the free-water content of a fuel sample. Flushing shall be continued until test results are consistent or results indicate compliance with the use limit requirements. Avoid navair 00-80t-109 or stopping any engine, regardless of its configuration, within 50 feet of a fueling or defueling operation. The cart belongs to the V-4 division.

Navair 00-80t-109 valves slowly to avoid or minimize any splashing in tanks. Note Not all laboratories are available for regular recurrent testing on a no-cost basis. Always bond the nozzle to the aircraft before the filler cap is removed. Each log shall be reviewed by the supervisor, CPO and Navair 00-80t-109 Officer daily and kept in mavair files for 6 months. Instrument used to measure the FSII content on fuel.