9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. 17 Apr much controversy among scholars and other interested readers. And yet, James Bacque keeps ferreting out more information that makes his. 30 Aug Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two by James Bacque Macdonald, pp.

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Medical Corps reported death rates far higher than they had ever seen before. Bischoff said that while “most scholarly reviewers of Bacque’s book have pointed othef that Bacque fails to establish the proper historical context”, “worse, the historical records that Bacque did use are amateurishly bacqu and often misleading or wrong.

Eisenhower’s calculations as to how many people other losses james bacque would be required to feed in occupied Germany in were too low and he had been asking for more food shipments since February Retrieved from ” https: Bischoff concludes that just the application of common sense alone refutes many of the most “fantastical charges” of Bacque, such as asking the question “How abcque a single other losses james bacque order one million men killed without being caught in the heinous act?

Other Losses by James Bacque

The historian Niall Ferguson claims a significantly lower death rate of 0. While Other Losses claims that the United States dismissed the Swiss Government from its role as a protecting power, [78] Villa states that Bacque ignores that it was the Other losses james bacque that had vetoed permitting the continued existence of the German government in Other losses james bacqueleaving the Swiss no longer wanting to remain the protecting power because they no longer had a German government to which to report, bqcque that the United Nations—including Canada—had concluded the same.

His introduction concludes that ” Other Losses is seriously—nay, spectacularly—flawed in its jammes fundamental aspects. Food in occupied Germany. Yet despite the widespread construction work carried out after the war, not a single one of these legion of dead was found.


The total death rates for United States-held prisoners is also far lower than those held by most countries throughout the war. One turns from them feeling only embarrassment for the author who naively grounds his thesis upon other losses james bacque. Regarding the impossibility of a conspiracy on the scale purported by Bacque, Villa states that “[i]n truth, had Eisenhower committed the crimes Bacque alleges, someone surely would have gossiped, ratted, leaked, or even just hinted.

Log In Register other losses james bacque Online Access. They are being held in a manner contrary to all humanitarian principles and flagrantly contrary to the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

Other Losses explicates the — German food crisis to support the claims for a high mortality rate. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Numerous reviews other losses james bacque the book written by the top talent in the military history profession such as John Keegan and Russel Weigley were persuaded by the findings of the book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book claims that the U.

other losses james bacque The introduction to the book publishing many of the New Orleans panel papers also noted that Bacque ignored the greatest source of for the “other losses” column, an August Report of the Military Governor that states “An additional group ofare lists as ‘other losses’consisting largely of members of the Volkssturm [People’s Militia] released without losss formal charge.

Other Losses claimed that “The victims undoubtedly number over , almost certainly overand quite likely over a million. All this is documented in the book. Army sent the trains back, saying their own other losses james bacque were full.

Lauben as the source for the claim that the “other losses” weekly report column covered up deaths.

Eisenhower was not a Hitler, other losses james bacque did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe otheer shortage inthere was nothing sinister or secret jmaes the “disarmed enemy forces” designation or about the column “other losses.


Bacque described his other witness, John Foster, as a camp guard “in charge of the work detail of fifty men, Germans and Americans, who did nothing all day but drag bodies out of the camp.

All Europe went on rations for the next three years, including Britainuntil the food crisis was over. Bacque has simply distorted the context beyond all recognition.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

He finds that, on the whole, the dreadful conditions in the US and French camps, which he more or less admits occurred, resulted from lossrs or miscalculation, rather than from deliberate policy. Lksses was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was indeed a severe world food shortage inother losses james bacque was nothing sinister or secret about DEF designation or about the Other Losses column.

Perhaps he other losses james bacque try the interviewing techniques that he employed in Other Losses —namely putting words in the mouths of selective eyewitnesses. So much for Bacque’s careful use of sources. Facts against Falsehood refuted Bacque’s wily misinterpretations of statistics and oral history evidence in detail.

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It seemed to me that, after accounting for transfers and discharges, there was nothing left to make up the grand total except deaths and escapes. The British and Canadians, who had a much higher prisoner load in proportion to their armies, managed to other losses james bacque their prisoners alive in fair health without spoiling them.

Army had plenty of surplus tents which could have been issued.