23 Apr Physical Geography by S. Singh has many further sub-branches of Physical Geography included in it. All of the branches of Physical. Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag Pustak Bhavan, ISBN, , Length, pages. Physical Geography. Front Cover. Savindra Singh. Prayag Pustuk Bhagwan, Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag.

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For residual topics not found in any book, refer internet. Click the following link to access these free preparation initiatives in Portal. Any fool with a bit of luck can find geotraphy born into power. But frst complete savinder Sing with the help of one physical geography by savinder singh coaching notes Eg.

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But, the basic book must be the Physical Geography. Just the Physical Geography would do. According to me it is better to buy some coaching material also. Which is the exact Book. Phyaical all of us have done that but realised that Savindra Singh is gem of a book. I have started with the below booklist.


Plus you can also refer a few topics from Rupa made simple like soils etc. I did the chapter on soils from here. Any good book on Indian geography, short and crispOther than the khullar.

For value addition, you may refer any other books but the focus must always be on Physical geography by savinder singh book.

Like, Puysical by savinder singh Climatology by savinder singh Oceanography by savinder singh Biogeography by savinder singh I mean apart from one book on physical geography which I have presently, should I buy these separate books by savinder singh? Optional groups are almost exclusive. The most unique safinder about it is that they are handwritten by toppers themselves.

You can enroll for these programs by visiting http: September edited September Etat Sir you are a respected moderator on this forum atleast you can request physical geography by savinder singh senior guys of geography to provide their strategy.

Please, please Contribute and have your say at this topic.

How to prepare for it? Siddhartha useful in anyway for geo optional?

Savindra Singh (Author of Physical Geography)

Go and buy Pravalika publication. Thats better than k sid. In current affairs reading Editorials Online needs an in-depth focus and hence we provide a separate analysis of daily editorials which is not found in any other website.


There’s also one book by Majid Hussain on Maps. Do I need to buy separate books of savinder singh on every topic of sacinder geography?

And if u r are not satisfied with answers,then we cn go for different books to study only relevant and important topics. You all are well experienced.

Confusion over books by Savinder Singh for Geography optional

For preparing physical part, physical geography by savinder singh this part is so vast. It is not the eyes that are blind but the heart. Just dont spread the word ; Sign in or join with Facebook or Google. Singh and Rupa covers most of the 1st part, Can’ devote whole time on P1 only. One book is more than enough.