Subhash Palekar is an Indian agriculturist who practiced and wrote many books about Zero Budget Natural Farming. Subhash Palekar was born in in a. Popularity of ZBSF need to done with farmers and consumers simultaneously I am of opinion that right now its more focussed on farmers and less on consumers . Subhash Palekar’s website(Subhash Palekar) for ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING. Or you may visit to Subhash Palekars institute which is in Amravati.

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How it can be called as revolution? But, do not worry. Every village was having their own small industries.

Subhash Palekar

And jiwamrita is the best culture of micro-organisms. If we count them, the food crisis is the big problem throughout the world. Subhash Palekar has been appointed as advisor bufget the state of Andhra Pradesh for Zero Budget Farming with the aim of encouraging natural farming. Please introduce links to this page from related articles subhash palekar zero budget farming try the Find link tool for suggestions.

No natural farmers claim they can match these yields. He was searching for the absolute truth.

The destruction farmin the human being! Subhash palekar zero budget farming fertile budbet which was producing hundred tones subhash palekar zero budget farming Sugarcane per acre or forty quintals of Wheat per acre had become so barren that even grass can not be grown on this land. He was awarded India’s fourth highest civilian award the Padma Shri in [2]. There were weavers, oil millers, smithers, shoemakers and craftsmen in every village working traditionally.


Food crisis is zfro just a problem in India. We have given the solution. Green Revolution had polluted the land, water, environment and human health also. They made the judicial system so complicated that it will take years to get the justice and money will flow continuously from village to cities. Sixty years have passed. But this is not true.

Zero Budget Spiritual Farming

When I discussed this with agricultural scientists, they, too, agreed with this. That means if they want to increase their wealth then they have to robbed or subhash palekar zero budget farming someone. I had some specific questions for the vice chancellor and director of research: In my technology, not a single gram of manure is utilised.

How can you say that the cow is related to any specific religion? They knew whether the convict is guilty or not, whether he is virtuous or criminal. Sincewhile practising the chemical farming, his agricultural production was continuously increasing.

And this happens to thousands subhash palekar zero budget farming acre land in India.

Their inner lust will commit them to purchase this hybrid seeds. Agricultural scientistfarmer, author. I am not in any hurry. But the God has not given them creation subhash palekar zero budget farming. They will sell their lands to the big companies and these companies will destroy the self-reliant agriculture system by means of modern and mechanized agriculture practices.

They are, because it is now time. Our lands have been fertile before the Green Revolution and our ancestors were farmers. But after learning chemical farming in the college, he started chemical farming in his farm. If there is a law, then someone will be punished.


Even in the fruit markets, the apples have stickers saying they are from New Zealand and Australia. Was there Aids, Cancer, Diabetics and Heart attacks before fifty years? What is meant by subhash palekar zero budget farming Indian agronomists Living people births Recipients of the Padma Shri in other fields.

Road caves in, families evacuated faarming Ghaziabad, office goers face trouble commuting in Delhi You do not have to purchase anything from outside. They started Agriculture Universities for developing hybrid seeds. The aim of Green Revolution was to commit the farmers or villagers to purchase every commodity from cities. How will future generations survive?

How can a farmer be accused of a darming when he or she is buying or selling his or her own cattle? We have totally avoided these questions from our movement. Do you think this will solve it?

Subhash Palekar – Wikipedia

Therefore he embarked on a research on the natural growth of forest trees to fully understand the phenomenon. However, this package is forcing the farmers towards suicide instead of restricting it.

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